Midi WorkShop is an add on program for SawStudio which enables you to record and play midi together with SawStudio. It is tightly clocked to SawStudio and can do amazing midi editing and composing using the latest 64bit VST Instruments or hardware. You can change the look of Midi WorkShop check out our Shades page for info. In Midi WorkShop there are 15 tutorials just click in the top right of the video to open a drop down menu and select. If you have a request for a new tutorial let me know.

  • Editing Notes
  • Selecting Notes
  • Moving Notes
  • Tab To Notes
  • Copy Notes
  • Delete Notes
  • Step Draw
  • Step & Auto Step Record
  • Quantize Notes
  • Scrub Mode
  • Step Draw Midi Drum Notes
  • Edit Control Data
  • Move and Copy Controller Data
  • Play & Record VST
  • Covert Midi To Audio
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